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Our Contracted Services

Our experience in the areas of employment law; labour relations, accident and incident investigation and safety, health and welfare management mean we continuously advise clients at times when they need us most. The saying goes (allegedly) “that there is no such thing as bad publicity” but even the origins of this saying are widely disputed. “All publicity is good if it is intelligent” is a more fitting version when dealing with an incident. (

We are adept at advising your senior management team on how to deal with all incidents that may result in reputational damage, even when you have done nothing wrong. The continued rise of social media and the modern tendency for users to accept the most trending or popular account of an event as true is a major challenge for any business.

Truth does not belong to the one who shouts the loudest”

Contact one of our senior directors in full confidence at any time.

We have extensive experience in:

  • Conducting accident and incident investigations
  • Analysing the human factors in safety related accidents and incidents
  • Representing employers in Workplace Relations Commission hearings
  • Acting as a liaison between your company and all stakeholders to an incident or scenario
  • Advising companies on slanderous or defamatory accusations, particularly those posted to social media sites by employees, former employees, clients or members of the public.
  • Preparing media statements in response to an incident or allegation

For outside of office hours please complete the enquiry form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

In your organisation currently:

  • Do your employee contracts and/or terms and conditions of employment contain a Media Clause directing employees what to do (in truth what NOT to do) in the event of an incident or accident?
  • Do you have a social media policy directing employees, vendors and contractors on the rules around the use of social media and smartphones in relation to your business or on your premises or customer sites?
  • Does your Disciplinary Procedure and Misconduct clause clearly state the implications of breaching the above?

Employment Law and Safety Health and Welfare under one Contract

Our INCISE 360o Contract is designed to provide a high level of consultancy, corporate governance services and compliance advice to your organisation in the areas of employment law, HR and health and safety. It also provides access to an additional range of services, when required, from data protection consultancy, strategy planning, executive coaching and mentoring and public relations in the unlikely event of an incident. At INCISE we are adept building quality management systems and auditing of information required to pass such international standards as ISO9001:2015.

By engaging us through this contract, INCISE effectively become your compliance department in the chosen areas, managing everything from employees to strategy reviews and budgets, affording you yourself the time and space to focus on your business.

Get in touch to discover you how an INCISE 360o Contract can provide you with a stable platform on which to grow your business.

At INCISE we do as we say – one of our core values is ‘always contactable’. Our industry knowledge and experience across most industries tells us that there are times when businesses need our service and advice at short notice.

From personnel issues to workplace accidents, data protection breaches, statutory inspections or major market forces we are available to discuss your needs and advise accordingly.

  • Corrective action on employment law breach
  • Guidance on disputes or grievances with employees
  • Safety, health and welfare related incident or accident
  • Environmental incidents or accidents
  • Data protection breaches
  • Media sensitive issues – in immediate aftermath of one of the above or in response to fraudulent, defamatory or slanderous accusations made via social media.

For clients requiring our services for a defined period or specific contract across the range of our expertise. Typical examples include but are by no means limited to:

  • Contracts of employment to include implied and expressed terms
  • Employee handbooks, policies and procedures.
  • Gap Analysis of employment law compliance levels
  • Facilitation and/or participation in periodic strategic reviews of your organisation
  • Mentoring and coaching to all levels of your organisation
  • Contractor/Vendor Management (health and safety)
  • Project Management – engineering works, fire safety works, project coordination)

Business Solutions

The founders of Incise have over thirty years of general management, consultancy and training experience and hold qualifications in areas such as civil engineering, human resources, health and safety and executive coaching. At Incise we see the challenges presented to modern organisations on a daily basis and have positioned ourselves to be the best at what we do.

Strategic HR Management

At Incise we take an objective look at the Human Resource processes within your organisation. We design, build and implement a human resource strategy to enhance your organisations capability. In modern organisations, the functions of HR, H&S and quality are more intertwined than ever before and must be strategically aligned for maximum competitive advantage.

Corporate Community Investment

Incise take a very pro-active involvement in local community Projects. We create value in communities, sourcing local and national funding as required. We coordinate with Government Agencies, and arrange opportunity focused investment where necessary. Can you afford not to have your Community logged with Incise?

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